Hello hello everyone! Today we are live and rolling!

It's a little bare-bones still, and there's a lot of info that isn't here yet... but the most important step of getting anything done is to start it in the first place! I hope you'll stick with me on this journey.

Currently the Projects and Worlds pages are incomplete, and only character pages for the Feathers & Fungus cast are available! More should be included soon, but this will have to do for now.


  • 09.06.19
    • Site launch!


Hello hello! I'm Techni and I'm a person, probably! I like birds, fish, and cake. I'm mostly an animator but I like to think I do a little bit of everything, and I have lots of things I'd like to make! This is a place to store my personal projects and other things related to my art. I may procrastinate a lot but it's my dream to bring them into fruition!

Please do not repost any content from this site without my permission!

For questions and other comments, please contact: technichromatic.art@gmail.com

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